KA Gross - Writer
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My book-in-progress, "Unwashed, Unwell, and Unwanted - How You Can Impact Homelessness in Your Community," is the story of how I was transformed from a person who didn't give a hoot about homelessness to one who is passionately devoted to solving the problem and ensuring that no one has to be homeless. 

The book includes the step-by-step process of that transformation and the building of a successful homeless day center, transitional housing program and permanent supportive housing site in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

 I will share challenges along the way, lessons learned, joys and low points, and why any of us can participate in helping our neighbors through their toughest times.

 I believe that humor, combined with a realistic (yet idealistic) attitude, help us achieve a better world for all.

 I hope you will let me know what you think of my book as I post parts of it here. And I hope it will inspire you to think of yourself as one of the problem-solvers in this country. Let's leave the media dogs to bark and bicker and set ourselves to the task of lifting each other up to meet our potentials.

 It's a journey worth taking! Will you join me? Send me your thoughts: ideas, comments, suggestions. Click here.