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The "Undeserving Poor"?

Thanks to Our Providers

Planting the Seeds of Change

Title 4

Thanks to our Generous Providers

The weary travelers arrived seeking refuge, opportunity, and a better life. Only their deep faith that something better lay ahead had carried them through months of cold, hunger, anxiety, and alienation. Then one day they encountered kind strangers who offered them food and set about helping them learn the tools of self-sufficiency. After harvest the following year, a great feast was held, where the British pilgrims and the inhabitants of the new land shared the abundance of their labors.

Everything the refugees needed to thrive was available in the alien land, they simply lacked the knowledge and resources to create abundance from these raw materials. The native people showed them how to grow the strange indigenous plans, and protect themselves from dangers not before encountered. Without this patient help, the immigrants might not have survived at all.

In this thriving, prosperous region, many still find themselves starved for food, opportunity, and support. At Seven Hills Homeless Center, we strive to provide compassion, guidance, and assistance to all who land on our doorstep. We believe that there are more than enough resources available to ensure that no one should go hungry or lack a home.

If the native inhabitants of the new world had felt that there was not enough for them, they would never have helped the new arrivals, but would have hoarded their knowledge and supplies and let the intruders starve. How blessed we are that so many people in our community also choose to share their abundance with those who find themselves in a land where they cannot yet provide for themselves.

A homeless, senior gentleman was brutally beaten last month, and required surgery to replace the crushed bones in his face with plates. The day after his surgery, he came to Seven Hills to recuperate, and found a safe place to sleep, nourishing food, and people who watched over him while his strength returned. Our staff helped him file for victimís restitution to cover his medical bills, and provided transportation through his recovery. He is now much stronger and able to care for himself again.

The guests, residents, staff, board, and volunteers of Seven Hills are very grateful to our generous providers for sharing of their treasure, thereby ensuring that no one in this community need go hungry, or cold, or alone. Over 60% of our income is contributed by individuals who simply care. They may never see the people who are touched by their gifts, but they do know that someoneís suffering is significantly less because they took time to share. We depend on you to provide the financial support that allows this miracle to happen. There will always be enough for everyone, if we can just open our hearts and let the hungry strangers in.

With thanksgiving,
Kimberly Gross, Director
Seven Hills
November 2003